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Canadian Haflinger Association

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Member Surname Breed Member ID Name City Province/State Country
ALLANGILL Haflinger 5326621 Gillian Allan Middleboro NS CANADA
ANDERSONI Haflinger 5422195 Iain Anderson Wards Creek NB CANADA
ANDREWSJA Haflinger 5327679 Jack Andrews Warminster ON CANADA
APPLEBYLI Haflinger 5412430 Lianne Yvette Appleby Fergus ON CANADA
ARAKANFER Haflinger 5291484 Ferme Arakan Lévis QC CANADA

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Breed Country Prefix Number Suffix Registration No. Animal Name Sex Birth Date
Haflinger 398 -398- 'CANDIDA' KDJT Mare 1993-03-31
Haflinger 355 -355- 'CELEBRATION' J&B OF HURON Mare 1992-02-21
Haflinger CAN 1549 -[CAN]1549- 'DAR-LYN'S' MOZART MITCH Stallion 2002-04-30
Haflinger CAN 993 -[CAN]993- 'MARITIME' ADOBE JOE Stallion 2000-03-15
Haflinger CAN 1187 -[CAN]1187- 'MARITIME' ALDO Gelding 2000-10-13
Haflinger CAN 1896 -[CAN]1896- 'MARITIME' CEEBREEZE Mare 2004-04-15
Haflinger CAN 2008 -[CAN]2008- 'MARITIME' CONTESSA Mare 2004-08-18
Haflinger CAN 2297 -[CAN]2297- 'MARITIME' COUNTRY CHARM Mare 2005-05-10
Haflinger CAN 1444 -[CAN]1444- 'MARITIME' FANCY Mare 2002-06-05
Haflinger CAN 2298 -[CAN]2298- 'MARITIME' FANTASIA Mare 2005-06-20
Haflinger CAN 2870 -[CAN]2870- 'MARITIME' L.E. MAY Mare 2009-04-30
Haflinger CAN 2804 -[CAN]2804- 'MARITIME' LILLY OF THE VALLEY Mare 2008-08-31
Haflinger CAN 1675 -[CAN]1675- 'MARITIME' MACBAILEY Stallion 2003-07-09
Haflinger CAN 1445 -[CAN]1445- 'MARITIME' MADE YOU LOOK Gelding 2002-06-14
Haflinger CAN 1443 -[CAN]1443- 'MARITIME' MAHOGANY Stallion 2002-04-12
Haflinger CAN 2279 -[CAN]2279- 'MARITIME' MARLING Mare 2005-04-25
Haflinger CAN 2296 -[CAN]2296- 'MARITIME' MARTINA Mare 2005-05-08
Haflinger CAN 1183 -[CAN]1183- 'MARITIME' MEMORABLE LADY A Mare 2001-05-15
Haflinger CAN 2280 -[CAN]2280- 'MARITIME' MERANO Gelding 2005-05-01
Haflinger CAN 830 -[CAN]830- 'MARITIME' MERRY LASS Mare 1998-07-14
Haflinger CAN 2006 -[CAN]2006- 'MARITIME' MIGHTY DANDY Gelding 2004-06-24
Haflinger CAN 1897 -[CAN]1897- 'MARITIME' MONTANNA Mare 2004-04-24
Haflinger CAN 2007 -[CAN]2007- 'MARITIME' MOONSHINE Gelding 2004-08-03
Haflinger CAN 750 -[CAN]750- 'MARITIME' MOUNTAIN HIGH Gelding 1997-07-30
Haflinger CAN 1674 -[CAN]1674- 'MARITIME' MY MERRY LADY Mare 2003-04-27