FOUR K'S 91M -[CAN]571441-

General Information

NameFOUR K'S 91M
Species/BreedSheep/Moutons/North Country Cheviot
Date of BirthFebruary 20 2002
Date of DeathFebruary 20 2017
Purity %100
IdentificationEar Tattoo/Tatouage à l'oreille HZA 91M
BreederDonald E Acres 5057165
OwnerDonald E Acres 5057165


Ear Tattoo/Tatouage à l'oreilleHZA 91M

Detailed Information

Percentage Pure100
Inbreeding Coefficient (%)3.614
Birth Size2
Registration Date/
Date d'enregistrement
September 26 2003

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