LV KASSY -[CAN]12373-

General Information

Date of BirthApril 22 2000
Purity %100
Body ColourBay/Baie
BreederRalph & Sharon Armstrong 5093102
OwnerRalph & Sharon Armstrong 5093102


Body Colour/Couleur du corpsBay/Baie
MarkingsBrown eyes, median whorl, left fore coronet, both hind fetlocks with distal spots, black spots on right hind heel.

Detailed Information

Percentage Pure100
Inbreeding Coefficient (%)1.169
DNA Case Number 1DNA on file/ADN en dossier
Blood Type/DNA ResultsBoth parents qualified by DNA. Les deux parents qualifient par ADN.
Birth Size1
Breeding Date/Date de saillieMay 17 1999
Ending Breeding Date for pasture services/
Date de saille finale pour les sailles au pâturage
May 21 1999
Registration Date/
Date d'enregistrement
October 05 2001

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