LF RAM 01H 194S -[CAN]604364-H

General Information

NameLF RAM 01H 194S
Date of BirthApril 27 2006
Date of DeathAugust 18 2012
Purity %100
IdentificationEar Tattoo/Tatouage à l'oreille LF 194S
BreederLaurie Ball-Gisch 5263807
OwnerLaurie Ball-Gisch 5263807


Ear Tattoo/Tatouage à l'oreilleLF 194S

Detailed Information

Percentage Pure100
Inbreeding Coefficient (%)4.926
Horn CodeH
Birth Size2
Breeding Date/Date de saillieOctober 30 2005
Ending Breeding Date for pasture services/
Date de saille finale pour les sailles au pâturage
December 30 2005
Registration Date/
Date d'enregistrement
July 19 2006

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