LF EWE M5SH 198S H-[CAN]604374-

General Information

NameLF EWE M5SH 198S
Date of BirthApril 30 2006
Purity %100
IdentificationEar Tattoo/Tatouage à l'oreille LF 198S
BreederLaurie Ball-Gisch 5417369
OwnerThe Iron Ram 5418349


Ear Tattoo/Tatouage à l'oreilleLF 198S

Detailed Information

Percentage Pure100
Horn CodeH
Birth Size2
Registration Date/
Date d'enregistrement
July 19 2006

Other Information

NameAddressIDDate PurchasedDate SoldDate RecordedType
Laurie Ball-GischMidland, MI U.S.A..5417369Breeder
Laurie Ball-GischMidland, MI U.S.A..5417369April 30, 2006September 3, 2006July 19, 2006Owner at Birth
The Iron RamMentone, IN U.S.A..5418349September 3, 2006March 1, 2007September 27, 2006Owner
Isabelle YazelMentone, IN U.S.A..5418476March 1, 2007March 1, 2008April 17, 2007Owner
The Iron RamMentone, IN U.S.A..5418349March 1, 2008June 12, 2008Owner

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