E & H ROSCOE 30T -[USD]11225-B

General Information

NameE & H ROSCOE 30T
Species/BreedCattle/Bovins/Belted Galloway
Date of BirthSeptember 06 2007
Purity %100
Body ColourBlack/Noir
IdentificationEar Tattoo/Tatouage à l'oreille 30T
BreederMargaret Hall 373398
OwnerPeter J. Rousseau 370213


Ear Tattoo/Tatouage à l'oreille 30T
Body Colour/Couleur du corpsBlack/Noir

Detailed Information

Percentage Pure100
Inbreeding Coefficient (%)2.874
Birth Size1
Registration Date/
Date d'enregistrement
December 17 2007

Other Information

Number of registered offspring = 6

NameAddressIDDate PurchasedDate SoldDate RecordedType
Margaret HallEast Dixfield, ME U.S.A..373398Breeder
Margaret HallEast Dixfield, ME U.S.A..373398September 6, 2007June 30, 2009Owner at Birth
Peter J. RousseauDover, NH U.S.A..370213June 30, 2009August 11, 2009Owner

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