Kendall Korth (HGV)

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Most Recent Membership Year2020
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Registered PrefixHORSEGUARD
Tattoo LettersHGV

Kendall Korth (HGV)
Horseguard Ventures Ltd
Box 12
Alhambra, AB CANADA T0M 0C0

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Breed Country Prefix Number Suffix Registration No. Animal Name Sex Birth Date Tattoo
Boer CAN GR 36689 -[CAN]GR36689- GOATS R OUT GREMLIN F 2020-05-22 NGL 48 H
Boer CAN CR 36687 -[CAN]CR36687- GOATS R OUT BOURBON F 2020-05-16 NGL 35 H
Boer CAN CR 36688 -[CAN]CR36688- GOATS R OUT BAILEY F 2020-05-16 NGL 36 H
Boer CAN GR 36690 -[CAN]GR36690- GOATS R OUT BIG SKY F 2020-05-15 NGL 27 H
Boer CAN GR 36691 -[CAN]GR36691- GOATS R OUT STORM CLOUD F 2020-05-15 NGL 28 H
Boer CAN GR 36692 -[CAN]GR36692- GOATS R OUT SNICKERDOODLE F 2020-05-15 NGL 30 H
Boer CAN GR 36693 -[CAN]GR36693- GOATS R OUT MACAROON F 2020-05-15 NGL 31 H
Boer CAN TR 36706 -[CAN]TR36706- GOATS R OUT GAMBLER'S CHANCE M 2020-05-10 NGL 15 H
Boer CAN TR 35381 -[CAN]TR35381- CORKERY POST'S TARDUS M 2019-06-03 POST 23 G
Boer CAN CR 36703 -[CAN]CR36703- GOATS R OUT MEGAERA F 2019-05-26 NGL 45 G
Boer CAN CR 36705 -[CAN]CR36705- GOATS R OUT NITRO F 2019-05-13 NGL 32 G
Boer CAN GR 36701 -[CAN]GR36701- GOATS R OUT GADGET F 2019-05-12 NGL 29 G
Boer CAN GR 36702 -[CAN]GR36702- GOATS R OUT GIDGET F 2019-05-12 NGL 30 G
Boer CAN GR 36699 -[CAN]GR36699- GOATS R OUT GINGERSNAP F 2019-05-08 NGL 10 G
Boer CAN GR 36700 -[CAN]GR36700- GOATS R OUT CINNAMON CRUNCH F 2019-05-08 NGL 13 G
Boer CAN GR 36698 -[CAN]GR36698- GOATS R OUT PRAIRIE CYCLONE F 2019-05-04 NGL 3 G
Boer CAN TR 36704 -[CAN]TR36704- GRASAM ROULETTE SANDS F 2018-05-18 NGL 49 F
Boer CAN GR 36697 -[CAN]GR36697- GOATS R OUT PRAIRIE RAGE F 2018-05-04 NGL 9 F
Boer CAN GR 36696 -[CAN]GR36696- GOATS R OUT COOK N' WITH FYRE F 2018-05-01 NGL 3 F
Boer CAN GR 36695 -[CAN]GR36695- GOATS R OUT PYROMANIAC F 2017-05-18 NGL 17 E
Boer CAN CR 36694 -[CAN]CR36694- GRASAM WONKY TURBO FYRE F 2017-05-03 NGL 3 E
Boer CAN TR 34903 -[CAN]TR34903- BACKWOOD EVAN M 2017-04-10 FMD 15 E
Boer CAN GR 30757 -[CAN]GR30757- CASTLE ROCK HALF PINT F 2014-07-16 GW 5 B
Boer CAN GR 30756 -[CAN]GR30756- CASTLE ROCK COCOA F 2014-07-15 GW 4 B
Boer CAN GR 30754 -[CAN]GR30754- CASTLE ROCK MONTANA F 2014-07-14 GW 2 B