Brandy Thaxter (BRT)

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Brandy Thaxter (BRT)
Brandy Thaxter
184 Kirkfield Rd
Woodville, ON CANADA K0M 2T0

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Breed Country Prefix Number Suffix Registration No. Animal Name Sex Birth Date Tattoo
Boer CAN TR 37773 -[CAN]TR37773- ROSEWOOD B JENESIS 36J F 2021-04-10 BRT 36 J
Boer CAN TR 37774 -[CAN]TR37774- ROSEWOOD B JAELYNN 37J F 2021-04-10 BRT 37 J
Boer CAN TR 37775 -[CAN]TR37775- ROSEWOOD B JAYDE 10J F 2021-03-08 BRT 10 J
Boer CAN TR 37776 -[CAN]TR37776- ROSEWOOD B JASPER 11J F 2021-03-08 BRT 11 J
Boer CAN R 37649 -[CAN]R37649- CORKERY POST'S JENNINGS M 2021-02-02 POST 27 J
Boer CAN GR 36735 -[CAN]GR36735- ROSEWOOD B HOLLY 17H F 2020-06-12 BRT 17 H
Boer CAN TR 36095 -[CAN]TR36095- ROSEWOOD B HAZELNUT 11H F 2020-04-25 BRT 11 H
Boer CAN GR 36089 -[CAN]GR36089- ROSEWOOD B HARPER 7H F 2020-04-16 BRT 7 H
Boer CAN GR 36093 -[CAN]GR36093- ROSEWOOD B HONEYCOMB 6H F 2020-04-15 BRT 6 H
Boer CAN TR 36169 -[CAN]TR36169- BELLBROOKE GERTIE F 2019-05-05 BRT 18 G
Boer CAN GR 36086 -[CAN]GR36086- ROSEWOOD B GYPSY 10G F 2019-04-01 BRT 10 G
Boer CAN GR 36087 -[CAN]GR36087- ROSEWOOD B GEORGIA 11G F 2019-04-01 BRT 11 G
Boer CAN GR 36085 -[CAN]GR36085- ROSEWOOD B GILLIAN 8G F 2019-01-17 BRT 8 G
Boer CAN GR 36083 -[CAN]GR36083- ROSEWOOD B GEMMA 2G F 2019-01-10 BRT 2 G
Boer CAN TR 34631 -[CAN]TR34631- BELLBROOKE FAYE F 2018-04-03 NR 12 F
Boer CAN R 33393 -[CAN]R33393- COUNTRY STRONG PREACH TO ME (PV) F 2016-10-25 MSJ 51 D