Habitat Farm (TIP)

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Habitat Farm (TIP)
254 North Cove Rd
Thetis Island, BC CANADA V0R 2Y0

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Breed Country Prefix Number Suffix Registration No. Animal Name Sex Birth Date Tattoo
Toggenburg CAN T 148878 -[CAN]T148878- LA MOUNTAIN EBS SYLVETTE F 2018-03-07 ALL 8 F
Toggenburg CAN T 148877 -[CAN]T148877- LA MOUNTAIN EBS ARJETA F 2018-03-06 ALL 6 F
Nubian CAN N 143388 -[CAN]N143388- GARDEN GATE SSD COCONUT JACK M 2016-03-20 CED 20 D
Nubian CAN N 136629 -[CAN]N136629- BREATH OF SPRING DESERT ROSE F 2014-03-20 JOY 10 B
Nubian CAN N 136630 -[CAN]N136630- BREATH OF SPRING WINTER LILLY F 2014-03-20 JOY 11 B
Nubian CAN N 129508 -[CAN]N129508- GARDEN GATE KR COUNTRY BOY M 2013-02-24 CED 3 A