Country Log Ranch (RGK)

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Country Log Ranch (RGK)
c/o Jasmin Bautz
Box 203
Middle Lake, SK CANADA S0K 2X0

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Breed Country Prefix Number Suffix Registration No. Animal Name Sex Birth Date Tattoo
Boer CAN TR 38223 -[CAN]TR38223- COUNTRY LOG CONVOY 57J M 2021-05-19 RGK 57 J
Boer CAN TR 38224 -[CAN]TR38224- COUNTRY LOG CANADIAN GIRL 59J F 2021-05-19 RGK 59 J
Boer CAN TR 38220 -[CAN]TR38220- COUNTRY LOG THE GREATEST 54J M 2021-05-18 RGK 54 J
Boer CAN TR 38221 -[CAN]TR38221- COUNTRY LOG LUCILLE 55J F 2021-05-18 RGK 55 J
Boer CAN TR 38222 -[CAN]TR38222- COUNTRY LOG SUE 56J F 2021-05-18 RGK 56 J
Boer CAN TR 38219 -[CAN]TR38219- COUNTRY LOG PATSY 53J F 2021-05-16 RGK 53 J
Boer CAN CR 38656 -[CAN]CR38656- COUNTRY LOG OKIE 51J (SV) M 2021-05-15 RGK 51 J
Boer CAN TR 38217 -[CAN]TR38217- COUNTRY LOG BUMPKIN 50J F 2021-05-11 RGK 50 J
Boer CAN R 38213 -[CAN]R38213- COUNTRY LOG GAMBLER 43J M 2021-05-10 RGK 43 J
Boer CAN TR 38214 -[CAN]TR38214- COUNTRY LOG CADILLAC 44J M 2021-05-10 RGK 44 J
Boer CAN TR 38215 -[CAN]TR38215- COUNTRY LOG WILD ONE 47J F 2021-05-10 RGK 47 J
Boer CAN TR 38216 -[CAN]TR38216- COUNTRY LOG WILD ANGEL 48J F 2021-05-10 RGK 48 J
Boer CAN TR 38211 -[CAN]TR38211- COUNTRY LOG SHE'S GOT IT ALL 39J F 2021-05-09 RGK 39 J
Boer CAN CR 38208 -[CAN]CR38208- COUNTRY LOG QUEEN 14J F 2021-05-06 RGK 14 J
Boer CAN TR 38209 -[CAN]TR38209- COUNTRY LOG PANCHO 17J F 2021-05-06 RGK 17 J
Boer CAN TR 38210 -[CAN]TR38210- COUNTRY LOG LEFTY 18J F 2021-05-06 RGK 18 J
Boer CAN TR 38207 -[CAN]TR38207- COUNTRY LOG NO NEWS 7J F 2021-05-04 RGK 7 J
Boer CAN TR 38206 -[CAN]TR38206- COUNTRY LOG BOP 4J F 2021-05-02 RGK 4 J
Boer CAN R 35931 -[CAN]R35931- COUNTRY LOG KATE 117G F 2019-06-02 RGK 117 G
Boer CAN TR 35927 -[CAN]TR35927- COUNTRY LOG JODY 108G F 2019-05-27 RGK 108 G
Boer CAN GR 35922 -[CAN]GR35922- COUNTRY LOG PAISLEY 100G F 2019-05-26 RGK 100 G
Boer CAN CR 35915 -[CAN]CR35915- COUNTRY LOG DOLLY 81G F 2019-05-19 RGK 81 G
Boer CAN CR 35909 -[CAN]CR35909- COUNTRY LOG DANIELLE 63G F 2019-05-09 RGK 63 G
Boer CAN CR 35903 -[CAN]CR35903- COUNTRY LOG HURRICANE 43G F 2019-05-06 RGK 43 G
Boer CAN CR 35904 -[CAN]CR35904- COUNTRY LOG SUGAR 44G F 2019-05-06 RGK 44 G