Lacey-Lynn Bormke (RMTN)

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Lacey-Lynn Bormke (RMTN)
c/o Colleen Bormke
4030 Shuswap Rd
Kamloops, BC CANADA V2H 1S7

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Breed Country Prefix Number Suffix Registration No. Animal Name Sex Birth Date Tattoo
Nigerian Dwarf CAN D 156410 -[CAN]D156410- LUPIN'S LEGEND OF SPRINGSTEEN M 2020-05-22 TAL 16 H
Nigerian Dwarf CAN D 157776 -[CAN]D157776- RIVER MTN M DUCHESS MEGAN F 2020-05-19 RMTN 8 H
Nubian CAN CN 157228 -[CAN]CN157228- RIVER MTN A DREAM COME TRUE F 2020-05-10 RMTN 1 H
Nubian CAN N 156449 -[CAN]N156449- DESERT SAGE RAP ME IN COLOUR M 2020-04-20 BLF 5 H
Oberhasli CAN B 157414 -[CAN]B157414- PAT 'R' SWISS'S VH NELLEY F 2020-03-26 PWM 41 H
Oberhasli CAN B 157413 -[CAN]B157413- PAT 'R' SWISS'S OBT NOAH M 2020-03-15 PWM 30 H
Oberhasli CAN B 157415 -[CAN]B157415- PAT 'R' SWISS'S VH NORA F 2020-03-11 PWM 17 H
Nigerian Dwarf CAN D 153533 -[CAN]D153533- RENAISSANCE CF SWEET CAROLINE F 2019-07-26 RFBC 5 G
Nubian CAN CN 153821 -[CAN]CN153821- MILK HOUSE MZ CELESTINE F 2019-05-16 TMH 26 G
Nubian CAN N 153687 -[CAN]N153687- RIVER MTN FLASH OF FUN F 2019-05-12 RMTN 15 G
Nubian CAN CN 153686 -[CAN]CN153686- RIVER MTN BLACK GOLD M 2019-05-08 RMTN 14 G
Nubian CAN CN 153690 -[CAN]CN153690- RIVER MTN SPADES SPACE F 2019-04-21 RMTN 13 G
Nigerian Dwarf CAN D 152511 -[CAN]D152511- RIVER MTN LADY FAWN F 2018-12-28 RMTN 17 F
Nubian CAN N 149394 -[CAN]N149394- WILLOWS WILD PETER M 2018-06-19 WIL 9 F
Nubian CAN N 150257 -[CAN]N150257- THORCREST REDWOOD M 2018-03-23 ZSN 7 F
Nubian CAN N 150260 -[CAN]N150260- THORCREST RENITA F 2018-03-18 ZSN 2 F
Nubian CAN N 148795 -[CAN]N148795- STOCKBRIDGE LET IT GO F 2018-03-16 JHS 41 F
Nubian CAN CN 146316 -[CAN]CN146316- GREEN GODDESS TH ALYANA F 2017-05-21 GGS 2 E
Nigerian Dwarf CAN D 147808 -[CAN]D147808- ISLAND TIME SOPHIE F 2017-04-17 LSL 3 E
Nigerian Dwarf CAN D 147809 -[CAN]D147809- ISLAND TIME LISA F 2017-04-10 LSL 1 E
Nigerian Dwarf CAN D 146187 -[CAN]D146187- WONDERLAND EB SHAMROCKED M 2017-03-17 RBW 4 E
Nigerian Dwarf CAN D 143351 -[CAN]D143351- POTTING SHED AJ GOLDENS SPIRIT M 2016-06-26 PSN 25 D
Nigerian Dwarf CAN D 142455 -[CAN]D142455- CURL CREEK CHARLIE M 2016-05-23 CUR 19 D
Nigerian Dwarf CAN D 149019 -[CAN]D149019- KINDER ZIEGE MIDNIGHT F 2016-05-04 SLK 1 D
Nubian CAN N 141545 -[CAN]N141545- AGELAY HURRICANE MIAMI F 2016-04-26 AGAE 3 D