Amanda Copeland (LLWC)

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Amanda Copeland (LLWC)
Indian Creek Acres
Box 65
Montney, BC CANADA V0C 1Y0

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Breed Country Prefix Number Suffix Registration No. Animal Name Sex Birth Date Tattoo
Nubian CAN N 157274 -[CAN]N157274- CHILAKO RA MACI F 2020-05-09 CHI 12 H
Nubian CAN N 156949 -[CAN]N156949- GARDEN GATE CANADIAN CASH M 2020-04-27 CED 27 H
Nubian CAN N 152754 -[CAN]N152754- GARDEN GATE KR SPELLBINDER M 2019-03-14 CED 5 G
Nubian CAN N 153168 -[CAN]N153168- WILDHAVEN ST MAPLE F 2019-03-11 WLD 4 G
Nigerian Dwarf CAN D 150987 -[CAN]D150987- HAPPY HOOF ACRES RUSSELL M 2018-08-02 LSS 26 F
Nubian CAN N 149005 -[CAN]N149005- WILDHAVEN ML ROBYN F 2018-03-01 WLD 3 F
Nigerian Dwarf CAN D 147810 -[CAN]D147810- MOFFAT CAPRINES MG JASMINE F 2017-06-22 AKM 1 E
Nigerian Dwarf CAN D 145671 -[CAN]D145671- GROOVY GROVE FLOWER F 2017-03-23 GGR 4 E
Nubian CAN N 141814 -[CAN]N141814- WILDHAVEN THYME FOR FUN F 2016-03-07 WLD 1 D
Nigerian Dwarf CAN D 140411 -[CAN]D140411- BEARRAVEN COCOA F 2015-12-31 BE 4 C
Nubian CAN N 138303 -[CAN]N138303- BACKWOODS ORIGINAL NW AURORA F 2015-04-22 RAG 2 C