Bruce Rogers (BAR)

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Bruce Rogers (BAR)
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Acton, ON CANADA L7J 2L8

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Breed Country Prefix Number Suffix Registration No. Animal Name Sex Birth Date Tattoo
Speckle Park CAN 5406 -[CAN]5406- PB UNDERHILL APACHE CODE 4C M 2015-03-24 US 4 C
Speckle Park CAN 5586 -[CAN]5586- PB PONDEROSA BAILEY'S 34B F 2014-05-25 KTM 34 B
Speckle Park CAN 5584 -[CAN]5584- PB PONDEROSA MALIBU 16B F 2014-03-28 KTM 16 B
Speckle Park CAN 5590 -[CAN]5590- PT HEARTRIDGE LITTLE TIFFANY 01B F 2014-03-10 KAM 01 B
Speckle Park CAN 5585 -[CAN]5585- PB PONDEROSA BELLA 01B F 2014-02-26 KTM 01 B
Speckle Park 1134 -1134- PB CODIAK KLIPSO RKW 31K F 2000-04-09 RKW 31 K