Normand Lessard & Caroline Blouin (11-15)

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Normand Lessard & Caroline Blouin (11-15)
Élevage de Lessard
269 Route des Érables
Ste-Catherine de la J-C, QC CANADA G3N 1A8

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Breed Country Prefix Number Suffix Registration No. Animal Name Sex Birth Date Microchip ID
Canadian CAN Z 222406 -[CAN]Z222406- DE LESSARD CHARLEY INDRICK Stallion 2021-08-19
Canadian CAN Z 222405 -[CAN]Z222405- DE LESSARD CHARLEY INNU Mare 2021-05-15
Canadian CAN Z 222404 -[CAN]Z222404- DE LESSARD CHARLEY ISIDORE Stallion 2021-05-13
Canadian CAN 14558 -[CAN]14558- DE LESSARD PAPILLON FARO Stallion 2018-06-08 956000009567448
Canadian CAN 14164 -[CAN]14164- GAROY PALMER CHARLEY Stallion 2015-04-28 956000004450647
Canadian CAN 13817 -[CAN]13817- DES VALLÉES JORDIN ANAÏS Mare 2013-06-11 956000008629560
Canadian CAN 14762 -[CAN]14762- THE BEST RANCH LOYD TENNESSEE Gelding 2007-05-29 956000003311778
Canadian CAN 12344 -[CAN]12344- SARRABELLE YACHARIE SAPHIR Mare 2006-07-03 956000000802839
Canadian CAN 11978 -[CAN]11978- DIT LAVIGNE BLACK SITELLE Mare 2006-06-11 956000000799730
Canadian CAN 11303 -[CAN]11303- LAPORTE MAGIC RORY Mare 2005-05-01 136113370A
Canadian CAN Z 222407 -[CAN]Z222407- DE LESSARD CHARLEY INCA Mare