Robyn Andersen (KFA)

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Robyn Andersen (KFA)
Kidnapped Farm
Box 23111
Medicine Hat, AB CANADA T1B 4C7

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Breed Country Prefix Number Suffix Registration No. Animal Name Sex Birth Date Tattoo
La Mancha CAN L 164908 -[CAN]L164908-P TAMRIC ACRES HG 10 KARAT F 2022-04-30 RT 41 K
La Mancha CAN L 163608 -[CAN]L163608- KIDNAPPED FOR A KALIMERIS F 2022-04-22 KFA 21 K
La Mancha CAN L 163609 -[CAN]L163609- KIDNAPPED FOR A KATSURA TREE F 2022-04-22 KFA 22 K
La Mancha CAN L 163604 -[CAN]L163604- KIDNAPPED KENTUCKY VINTAGE F 2022-04-20 KFA 24 K
Saanen CAN S 163357 -[CAN]S163357- GIVERNAY DISCO VINA F 2022-03-23 ACT 16 K
Toggenburg CAN T 163818 -[CAN]T163818- KIDNAPPED N KOUNTING HOURS F 2022-03-12 KFA 12 K
Toggenburg CAN T 163820 -[CAN]T163820- KIDNAPPED TO KAYAK THE PO F 2022-03-12 KFA 10 K
Toggenburg CAN T 163821 -[CAN]T163821- KIDNAPPED N KISS ME NOT F 2022-03-12 KFA 14 K
La Mancha CAN L 163606 -[CAN]L163606- KIDNAPPED AND SLAPPED BY KARMA F 2022-03-07 KFA 7 K
La Mancha CAN L 163595 -[CAN]L163595- KIDNAPPED FOR KAHLUA F 2022-03-04 KFA 5 K
Nigerian Dwarf CAN D 163610 -[CAN]D163610- KIDNAPPED BY THE KUKINI F 2022-03-02 KFA 2 K
La Mancha CAN L 163569 -[CAN]L163569- BNH LIVESTOCK MD KONGO M 2022-02-16 BNHL 1 K
Toggenburg CAN T 159653 -[CAN]T159653- HOMESTEAD VALLEY JITTERBUG F 2021-04-24 DKJ 6 J
Toggenburg CAN T 159896 -[CAN]T159896- KIDNAPPED JUST IN TIME F 2021-04-03 KFA 15 J
Nubian CAN N 159674 -[CAN]N159674- GIVERNAY CASH AFFIRMATION M 2021-03-25 ACT 6 J
Nigerian Dwarf CAN D 159898 -[CAN]D159898- KIDNAPPED BY JIMMY CHOO M 2021-03-19 KFA 17 J
La Mancha CAN L 159886 -[CAN]L159886- KIDNAPPED FOR A MINT JULEP F 2021-03-17 KFA 10 J
Toggenburg CAN T 159889 -[CAN]T159889- KIDNAPPED BY A JUNIPER TREE F 2021-03-06 KFA 6 J
La Mancha CAN L 159881 -[CAN]L159881- KIDNAPPED JUBILEE F 2021-03-02 KFA 3 J
La Mancha CAN L 159888 -[CAN]L159888- KIDNAPPED FOR CROWN JEWELS F 2021-02-26 KFA 2 J
La Mancha CAN L 156343 -[CAN]L156343- KIDNAPPED HENNESSY F 2020-04-27 KFA 15 H
La Mancha CAN L 157002 -[CAN]L157002- TAMRIC ACRES HIGHROLLER M 2020-04-21 RT 65 H
Saanen CAN S 156671 -[CAN]S156671- GIVERNAY ASK YOUR BARISTIA F 2020-04-19 ACT 36 H
La Mancha CAN L 156999 -[CAN]L156999- TAMRIC ACRES AH HALO F 2020-04-14 RT 19 H
Toggenburg CAN T 152662 -[CAN]T152662- KIDNAPPED SECRET GARDEN F 2019-03-28 KFA 9 G