Silver Mist Meadows Ltd. (SMM)

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Silver Mist Meadows Ltd. (SMM)
c/o Dan & Tera Prudholme
Box 1263
St. Isidore, AB CANADA T0H 3B0

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Breed Country Prefix Number Suffix Registration No. Animal Name Sex Birth Date Tattoo Ear Tag
Highland CAN 16866 -[CAN]16866- DELICATE FILIGREE HERITAGE 21D F 2016-04-09 IBP 21 D 124000216665620
Highland CAN 16658 -[CAN]16658- CLOVER BLOSSOM OF HERITAGE 46C F 2015-05-20 IBP 46 C 124000223975914
Highland CAN 16655 -[CAN]16655- CARESS OF HIGHLAND HERITAGE F 2015-05-13 IBP 32 C 124000223975904
Highland CAN 15681 -[CAN]15681- YOSEMITE OF TATLAYOKO M 2011-04-21 TT 23 Y 124000238372445
Highland CAN 14514 -[CAN]14514- TRUMP CARD OF TATLAYOKO M 2007-05-13 TT 9 T 124000259531359