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Brad & Trisha Gustafson (CHI)
Chilako Nubians
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Breed Country Prefix Number Suffix Registration No. Animal Name Sex Birth Date Tattoo
Nubian CAN N 162318 -[CAN]N162318- CHILAKO SMT COUNTYOURBLESSINGS F 2021-05-28 CHI 18 J
Nubian CAN N 162317 -[CAN]N162317- CHILAKO AZ LIVING VICTORIOUS F 2021-05-11 CHI 7 J
Nubian CAN N 162316 -[CAN]N162316- CHILAKO SZ JADE F 2021-05-09 CHI 14 J
Nubian CAN N 162320 -[CAN]N162320- CHILAKO SMT ICING ON THE CAKE F 2021-05-05 CHI 5 J
Nubian CAN N 162319 -[CAN]N162319- CHILAKO AZ CRAZY LACE F 2021-04-27 CHI 3 J
Nubian CAN N 157267 -[CAN]N157267- CHILAKO SZ LUNA F 2020-05-16 CHI 20 H
Nubian CAN N 157273 -[CAN]N157273- CHILAKO E I CHERISH YOU F 2020-05-09 CHI 5 H
Nubian CAN N 157276 -[CAN]N157276- CHILAKO RA HIGHEST ESTEEM F 2020-05-09 CHI 15 H
Nubian CAN N 157272 -[CAN]N157272- CHILAKO SMT CLARA F 2020-05-04 CHI 9 H
Nubian CAN N 154078 -[CAN]N154078- CHILAKO SMT VERDI F 2019-03-15 CHI 15 G
Nubian CAN N 150741 -[CAN]N150741- CHILAKO AS CROWN OF HONOR F 2018-03-08 CHI 35 F
Nubian CAN N 150742 -[CAN]N150742- CHILAKO HB RAYS OF AZUL M 2018-02-16 CHI 22 F
Nubian CAN N 150745 -[CAN]N150745- CHILAKO SMT VIOLET F 2018-02-06 CHI 15 F
Nubian CAN N 150744 -[CAN]N150744- CHILAKO SONG OF THE TREES F 2018-02-05 CHI 17 F
Nubian CAN N 142432 -[CAN]N142432- CHILAKO E VIVIAN VAN GOGH F 2016-05-09 CHI 45 D
Nubian CAN N 142438 -[CAN]N142438- CHILAKO SMT PRECIOUS JEWELL F 2016-04-19 CHI 12 D
Nubian CAN N 142415 -[CAN]N142415- WOEST-HOEVE RL EMMANUEL M 2015-04-17
Nubian CAN N 142414 -[CAN]N142414- LYNNHAVEN T TZION M 2015-03-23
Nubian CAN N 142416 -[CAN]N142416- WOEST-HOEVE BB HAUTE BLEU M 2015-03-15
Nubian CAN N 142418 -[CAN]N142418- WOEST-HOEVE SHIVER ME TIMBERS M 2015-03-11
Nubian CAN N 133567 -[CAN]N133567- CHILAKO IP PIERIDAE ADERES F 2014-06-13 CHI 17 B
Nubian CAN N 133561 -[CAN]N133561- CHILAKO IP PRECIOUS TREASURE F 2014-04-27 CHI 11 B
Nubian CAN N 135259 -[CAN]N135259- CAPRIX PARADIGME M 2014-02-05 CPX 1 B
Nubian CAN N 129507 -[CAN]N129507- GARDEN GATE KR ALCATRAZ M 2013-02-24 CED 2 A
Nubian CAN N 125354 -[CAN]N125354- AZREAL HURRICANE SWT SADIE F 2012-05-04 BMPL 14 Z