Joshawa Barter (RJB)

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Joshawa Barter (RJB)
11A Route 214

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Breed Country Prefix Number Suffix Registration No. Animal Name Sex Birth Date Tattoo
Boer CAN R 33301 -[CAN]R33301- ROCKING J BAR ELAM M 2016-03-30 RJB 199 D
Boer CAN R 31396 -[CAN]R31396- HIGH OCTANE GO BIG OR GO HOME M 2015-01-26 PAMG 58 C
Boer CAN R 32059 -[CAN]R32059- ROCKING J BAR STOKE MY FIRE F 2014-03-15 RJB 113 B
Boer CAN R 32060 -[CAN]R32060- ROCKING J BAR KAYLEIGH F 2014-03-14 RJB 116 B
Boer CAN TR 31359 -[CAN]TR31359- BELLES AMOURS JOSIE F 2014-02-18 DSA 34 B
Boer CAN R 28869 -[CAN]R28869- ROCKING J BAR RED CARPET REDDY F 2013-03-09 RJB 72 A
Boer CAN CR 29067 -[CAN]CR29067- STAVELEY SPOT ON F 2013-02-16 STAV 306 A
Boer CAN R 28868 -[CAN]R28868- ROCKING J BAR FULLA SCHMIDT F 2013-02-07 RJB 63 A
Boer CAN TR 28865 -[CAN]TR28865- ROCKING J BAR HOLLY SCHMIDT F 2013-02-04 RJB 54 A
Boer CAN R 28172 -[CAN]R28172- ROCKING J BAR JEWEL F 2012-06-02 RJB 38 Z
Boer CAN R 27573 -[CAN]R27573- ROCKING J BAR SPLASH OF CLASS F 2011-12-01 RJB 31 Y
Boer CAN TR 27992 -[CAN]TR27992- BA CSF AMA-RED-O M 2011-11-30
Boer CAN R 27572 -[CAN]R27572- ROCKING J BAR FASHION STATEMENT F 2011-11-28 RJB 30 Y
Boer CAN TR 26868 -[CAN]TR26868- DU SILLON YANG F 2011-10-27 PFS 31 Y
Boer CAN TR 26867 -[CAN]TR26867- DU SILLON YAHOO F 2011-10-13 PFS 30 Y
Boer CAN TR 27249 -[CAN]TR27249- PATDALE 11Y (PV) F 2011-05-05 HP 11 Y
Boer CAN R 26471 -[CAN]R26471- COUTURE PAINTED NANCY F 2011-04-06 RJB 20 Y
Boer CAN R 26467 -[CAN]R26467- ROCKING J BAR CHERRY RED F 2011-03-05 RJB 18 Y
Boer CAN R 26468 -[CAN]R26468- ROCKING J BAR HELLFIRE RED F 2011-01-28 RJB 14 Y
Boer CAN R 26469 -[CAN]R26469- ROCKING J BAR TEQUILA ROSE (PV) F 2011-01-28 RJB 13 Y
Boer CAN R 26466 -[CAN]R26466- ROCKING J BAR BIG RED BALLS M 2011-01-23 RJB 12 Y
Boer CAN R 26470 -[CAN]R26470- ROCKING J BAR LADY IN RED F 2011-01-21 RJB 11 Y
Boer CAN R 26473 -[CAN]R26473- AHGF ALMOST HEAVEN LAZY ST RED M 2010-11-17
Boer CAN R 27302 -[CAN]R27302- LAZY S-T ROCKWELL M 2010-11-13
Boer CAN R 24856 -[CAN]R24856- MARYBER THAÏ F 2010-03-30 MARY 15 X