Ryan & Christie Prins (PRY)

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Ryan & Christie Prins (PRY)
Pryme Farms
523 Carman Rd
Brighton, ON CANADA K0K 1H0

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Breed Country Prefix Number Suffix Registration No. Animal Name Sex Birth Date Tattoo
Boer CAN GR 34330 -[CAN]GR34330- PRYME COWBOY'S KITTY F 2018-04-25 PRY 1 F
Boer CAN TR 32674 -[CAN]TR32674- PRYME PURE PROFIT M 2016-05-07 PRY 646 D
Boer CAN TR 32096 -[CAN]TR32096- PRYME DRUNK ON YOU F 2015-03-09 PRY 461 C
Boer CAN TR 27656 -[CAN]TR27656- PRYME SEXY TIME F 2012-05-13 PRY 134 Z
Boer CAN TR 28990 -[CAN]TR28990- BL1 LINDSAY ACRES ULTRA'S POSEIDON M 2012-02-28
Boer CAN TR 26735 -[CAN]TR26735- PRYME BIG CITY GIRL F 2011-09-07 PRY 63 Y
Boer CAN TR 26445 -[CAN]TR26445- COCOA KAREN F 2011-03-14 RVDA 21 Y
Boer CAN TR 25729 -[CAN]TR25729- PRYME GIVE IT TO ME BABY F 2011-01-30 PRY 23 Y
Boer CAN TR 26365 -[CAN]TR26365- FIX IT'S RED TAILED TOOTER M 2010-09-03
Boer CAN TR 24789 -[CAN]TR24789- ACR TARZAN'S GS YANKEE DOODLE M 2008-03-08