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Bob & Laura Gookin
Somewhere Farm Clydesdales
836 County Rd 1490
Rush Springs, OK U.S.A. 73082

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Breed Country Prefix Number Suffix Registration No. Animal Name Sex Birth Date Microchip ID
Clydesdale CAN M 36356 -[CAN]M36356- WILLOW WAY UPTOWN MAXWELL Stallion 2020-05-03
Clydesdale CAN M 36335 -[CAN]M36335- WILLOW WAY TANNER Stallion 2019-05-15
Clydesdale CAN M 36095 -[CAN]M36095- WILLOW WAY STONEY Stallion 2018-04-30
Clydesdale CAN F 75154 -[CAN]F75154- WILLOW WAY RILEY Mare 2017-05-26
Clydesdale CAN F 74682 -[CAN]F74682- WILLOW WAY PEPPER Mare 2015-04-08
Clydesdale CAN M 35427 -[CAN]M35427- HATFIELD AVIATOR Stallion 2013-05-15
Clydesdale CAN F 74292 -[CAN]F74292- HATFIELD ZORA MAID Mare 2013-05-01
Clydesdale CAN F 74131 -[CAN]F74131- WILLOW WAY MAISIE Mare 2012-06-01
Clydesdale CAN M 35593 -[CAN]M35593- OZARK'S ROYAL VIEW Stallion 2011-01-26
Clydesdale CAN F 73505 -[CAN]F73505- BOULDER BLUFF HOLLY Mare 2010-05-09 985170000932460
Clydesdale CAN M 35123 -[CAN]M35123- HATFIELD GUINNESS Stallion 2009-05-20
Clydesdale CAN F 73189 -[CAN]F73189- BOULDER BLUFF SWEET LAURA Mare 2009-05-15 985121009445903
Clydesdale CAN M 34818 -[CAN]M34818- 2S ABOVEALLS SUPERBINFATUATION Stallion 2009-04-27
Clydesdale CAN M 34653 -[CAN]M34653- BOULDER BLUFF TREVOR Gelding 2008-06-04
Clydesdale CAN F 74387 -[CAN]F74387- SOMEWHERE YANKEE'S PROUD MARY Mare 2008-04-15
Clydesdale CAN M 34522 -[CAN]M34522- CALICO FIRST CUT Stallion 2008-03-23
Clydesdale CAN M 34282 -[CAN]M34282- WILLOW WAY HARRISON Stallion 2007-05-21
Clydesdale CAN F 72489 -[CAN]F72489- WILLOW WAY HELENA Mare 2007-05-15
Clydesdale CAN F 72284 -[CAN]F72284- BOULDER BLUFF MANTI Mare 2006-06-08 472A714003
Clydesdale CAN F 72277 -[CAN]F72277- BOULDER BLUFF SHANIA Mare 2006-05-25 47223B6B0A
Clydesdale CAN F 72283 -[CAN]F72283- BOULDER BLUFF HARMONY Mare 2006-05-24 471D725719
Clydesdale CAN M 34224 -[CAN]M34224- BRUNT-HILL JOKER II Stallion 2006-05-15
Clydesdale CAN F 72282 -[CAN]F72282- BOULDER BLUFF MOLLIE Mare 2006-05-01 47253E4415
Clydesdale CAN F 72686 -[CAN]F72686- THOMAS' CASSANDRA THE SELECT Mare 2006-03-27
Clydesdale CAN F 72160 -[CAN]F72160- HATFIELD BLUE BELLE Mare 2005-05-02