Carol E DuMont (CED)

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Carol E DuMont (CED)
Garden Gate Nubians
5585 Rock Creek/Bridesville Rd
Bridesville, BC CANADA V0H 1Y0

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Breed Country Prefix Number Suffix Registration No. Animal Name Sex Birth Date Tattoo
Nubian CAN N 152762 -[CAN]N152762- GARDEN GATE FATAL ATTRACTION F 2019-03-23 CED 15 G
Nubian CAN N 153776 -[CAN]N153776- GARDEN GATE KR ENCHANTRESS F 2019-03-14 CED 4 G
Nubian CAN N 152751 -[CAN]N152751- GARDEN GATE KR CHANTILLY LACE F 2019-03-14 CED 3 G
Nubian CAN N 152750 -[CAN]N152750- GARDEN GATE CANADIAN DESIGN F 2019-03-03 CED 1 G
Nubian CAN N 150947 -[CAN]N150947- GARDEN GATE SHOT OF SCOTCH M 2018-04-19 CED 22 F
Nubian CAN N 150940 -[CAN]N150940- GARDEN GATE NK ONLY PERFECTION F 2018-03-28 CED 7 F
Nubian CAN N 150936 -[CAN]N150936- GARDEN GATE NK SPIRIT BEAR M 2018-03-11 CED 1 F
Nubian CAN N 146480 -[CAN]N146480- GARDEN GATE COUNTRY LULLABYE F 2017-03-18 CED 8 E
Nubian CAN N 146477 -[CAN]N146477- GARDEN GATE CANADIAN POSH F 2017-01-21 CED 3 E
Nubian CAN N 141879 -[CAN]N141879- GARDEN GATE BCM JEZABEL F 2016-03-20 CED 18 D
Nubian CAN N 141873 -[CAN]N141873- GARDEN GATE SIREN'S SONG F 2016-03-13 CED 9 D
Nubian CAN N 139628 -[CAN]N139628- SAADA YANKEE DOLLAR M 2015-03-09
Nubian CAN N 133133 -[CAN]N133133- GARDEN GATE CANADIAN COUTURE F 2014-03-09 CED 9 B
Nubian CAN N 129517 -[CAN]N129517- GARDEN GATE PERFECT RHAPSODY F 2013-04-04 CED 24 A
Nubian CAN N 129550 -[CAN]N129550- GARDEN GATE SWEET SUMMERTIME F 2013-04-03 CED 15 A
Nubian CAN N 129505 -[CAN]N129505- GARDEN GATE KR FEMME FATALE F 2013-02-24 CED 1 A
Nubian CAN N 126800 -[CAN]N126800- GARDEN GATE PERFECT BLESSING F 2012-03-05 CED 13 Z
Nubian CAN N 120845 -[CAN]N120845- GARDEN GATE NK COUNTRY SONG F 2011-01-24 CED 1 Y
Nubian CAN N 118382 -[CAN]N118382- SAADA KING'S RANSOM M 2010-05-29
Nubian CAN N 116166 -[CAN]N116166- GARDEN GATE NORTHERN TEMPTRESS F 2010-04-05 CED 17 X