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Steve & Beth Gregg
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Breed Country Prefix Number Suffix Registration No. Animal Name Sex Birth Date
Clydesdale CAN M 36628 -[CAN]M36628- GALLOGLAS FERGUS Stallion 2022-02-16
Clydesdale CAN M 36532 -[CAN]M36532- BELLEAU MARVIN Gelding 2020-10-03
Clydesdale CAN F 75720 -[CAN]F75720- CACTUS HILLS LARAMIE Mare 2020-06-21
Clydesdale CAN M 36363 -[CAN]M36363- L D J STEELE HUCKLEBERRY Stallion 2020-03-29
Clydesdale CAN M 36469 -[CAN]M36469- BESLEY'S H.W. ALBERT Stallion 2020-03-24
Clydesdale CAN F 75741 -[CAN]F75741- GREGGLEA NITRO'S BRIAR Mare 2020-03-02
Clydesdale CAN F 75398 -[CAN]F75398- GREGGLEA MAGIC ANDREA Mare 2019-05-31
Clydesdale CAN F 75744 -[CAN]F75744- BELLEAU W.S. JULES'S BAMBI Mare 2018-03-07
Clydesdale CAN M 35966 -[CAN]M35966- NORTH COUNTRY SNIPER Gelding 2017-05-05
Clydesdale CAN M 35784 -[CAN]M35784- BESLEY'S MAJESTIC COLTON Stallion 2016-04-21
Clydesdale CAN M 35863 -[CAN]M35863- GOR-DEY BEEF Stallion 2016-04-21
Clydesdale CAN F 75211 -[CAN]F75211- GOR-DEY TWIN PINES' HEATHER Mare 2015-05-13
Clydesdale CAN M 35687 -[CAN]M35687- CEDARLANE TREVOR Stallion 2015-02-21
Clydesdale CAN M 35447 -[CAN]M35447- DONVIEW SENSATION STOMPIN' TOM Stallion 2013-04-25
Clydesdale CAN F 74197 -[CAN]F74197- TRIPLE CORNERS REBA Mare 2012-06-07
Clydesdale CAN M 35221 -[CAN]M35221- GREGGLEA MAJESTIC TITANIUM Gelding 2012-04-06
Clydesdale CAN M 35325 -[CAN]M35325- OAK PARK CAL Stallion 2012-03-01
Clydesdale CAN M 35057 -[CAN]M35057- RIVERSIDE GIBSON'S FINEST Gelding 2011-06-16
Clydesdale CAN M 34892 -[CAN]M34892- KENDREW OF WILLOWDALE Stallion 2010-04-14
Clydesdale CAN M 34927 -[CAN]M34927- RIVERSIDE CLASSIC NICOLAS Stallion 2010-03-26
Clydesdale CAN M 34799 -[CAN]M34799- FAYDAR JACKSON Stallion 2009-05-27
Clydesdale CAN M 34697 -[CAN]M34697- GRAND RIVER VIRGIL Stallion 2009-04-24
Clydesdale CAN F 73090 -[CAN]F73090- CEDARVIEW BELLA Mare 2009-02-08
Clydesdale CAN M 34520 -[CAN]M34520- CENTURY LANE MAJESTIC Stallion 2008-04-07
Clydesdale CAN M 34303 -[CAN]M34303- GREGGLEA HC OAKLEY Stallion 2007-03-10