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Glen Aldred
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Crossfield, AB CANADA T0M 0S0

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Breed Country Prefix Number Suffix Registration No. Animal Name Sex Birth Date
Percheron CAN F 45543 -[CAN]F45543- GLENOLYN BRINLY Mare 2018-05-31
Percheron CAN F 44255 -[CAN]F44255- GLENOLYN KATIE Mare 2013-11-15
Percheron CAN F 43338 -[CAN]F43338- GLENOLYN ROXY Mare 2011-06-18
Percheron CAN F 43337 -[CAN]F43337- GLENOLYN MARY Mare 2011-06-14
Percheron CAN F 43053 -[CAN]F43053- GLENOLYN BRENDA Mare 2010-05-23
Percheron CAN F 43054 -[CAN]F43054- GLENOLYN MONA Mare 2010-05-19
Percheron CAN M 27957 -[CAN]M27957- SANLAN MADOC Gelding 2007-04-10
Percheron CAN F 40992 -[CAN]F40992- GLENOLYN BONNIE Mare 2006-04-22
Percheron CAN M 27865 -[CAN]M27865- GLENOLYN MARK Stallion 2006-04-18
Percheron CAN M 27089 -[CAN]M27089- GLENOLYN CODY Gelding 2004-06-02
Percheron CAN F 38283 -[CAN]F38283- GLENOLYN BECKY Mare 2002-04-08
Percheron CAN M 25887 -[CAN]M25887- GLENOLYN DUKE OF DOUGLAS Gelding 2000-05-11
Percheron CAN F 35160 -[CAN]F35160- GLENOLYN LADY MAY Mare 1997-05-05
Percheron F 32434 -F32434- GLENOLYN NIKI Mare 1993-04-23