David Carson Farms & Auction Services Ltd.

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David Carson Farms & Auction Services Ltd.
5531 Perth Line 86 RR 3
Listowel, ON CANADA N4W 3G8

Fax: 519-291-5065

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Breed Country Prefix Number Suffix Registration No. Animal Name Sex Birth Date
Clydesdale CAN F 72256 -[CAN]F72256- CARSON'S TAILORED FASHION Mare 2006-04-05
Clydesdale CAN F 72020 -[CAN]F72020- CARSON'S MAJESTIC Mare 2005-05-15
Clydesdale CAN F 71003 -[CAN]F71003- CARSON'S MISS FANCY PANTS Mare 2001-04-14
Clydesdale CAN F 70728 -[CAN]F70728- HAZEL OF THE GLEN Mare 2000-05-29
Clydesdale CAN F 70885 -[CAN]F70885- CARSON'S MISS MABEL Mare 2000-05-02
Clydesdale CAN F 71702 -[CAN]F71702- PLUNTON GEILEIS FIONNUALA Mare 2000-03-28
Clydesdale CAN M 33800 -[CAN]M33800- HEWAL BENEFACTOR MOOSE Gelding 1998-03-21
Clydesdale CAN F 70729 -[CAN]F70729- JACKSONS CHANCER'S CHARLOTTE Mare 1997-09-06
Clydesdale F 68901 -F68901- CARSON'S MADE TO MEASURE Mare 1994-04-23
Clydesdale F 69146 -F69146- WILLOWAY JEAN Mare 1994-02-15
Clydesdale F 67900 -F67900- HOWGILLSIDE RUBY Mare 1988-04-11