SWF 01H 95P -[CAN]590439-H

General Information

NameSWF 01H 95P
Date of BirthMay 12 2004
Date of DeathApril 07 2010
Purity %100
IdentificationEar Tattoo/Tatouage à l'oreille SWF 95P
BreederGeorge & Olga Eliason 5249042
OwnerJoseph & Catherine Sanchez 5326680


Ear Tattoo/Tatouage à l'oreilleSWF 95P

Detailed Information

Percentage Pure100
Inbreeding Coefficient (%)0.708
Horn CodeH
Birth Size2
Registration Date/
Date d'enregistrement
June 14 2005

  MOLUR 95812 -[CAN]Z28051- 
  KANI 98864 -[CAN]Z45964-   
    SNEGLA 94256 -[CAN]Z45963- 
  NMI RAM 01H 021N -[CAN]573185-   
      JAGER RAM B2H 228J -[CAN]521359- 
    JAGER EWE 01H 172K -[CAN]530178-   
    JAGER EWE 01H 250J -[CAN]521378- 
SWF 01H 95P
    SRX RAM B3H 57F -477967- 
    FRELSI RAM B3H 063J -[CAN]521105-NH   
      GOF DAEGRA BLACK 11D -449887- 
  TANYA B3H 30L -[CAN]562441-H   
    YEOMAN RAM M2H 841G -490465- 
  BLACK HORNED MANYA 05H -[CAN]523328-H   
  KIMBALL EWE WHITE H 10F -476823- 

Extended Pedigree

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