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Bienvenue au site web de la SCEA

New Hours for Mavis MacDonald

(April 10, 2014) Please note that Horse Registrar Mavis MacDonald is now working reduced hours. She will be working and can be reached Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Thursdays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. She will no longer be in the office on Mondays and Fridays.

You may leave messages on Mavis' voice mail (Ext. 311) on the days she is not here and she will respond on the following Tuesday. If the matter is very urgent, another staff member will assist you, on those days.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Lorna Woolsey - New Goat Registrar

(April 10, 2014) As the result of Mavis MacDonald's reduced working hours, Lorna Woolsey has taken over responsibilities as the Registrar for the Canadian Goat Society. Lorna can be reached at extension 306 or

2013 Annual Report and Statistics Now Available

(March 28, 2014)

The 2013 Annual Report is now available online. Click here to view the report.

The 2013 statistics are also available online and can be found on each association's web page.

Kiko Goat Applications are Now being Accepted

(January 15, 2014) The registry for Kiko Goats is now open. For more information and application forms, please click here.


(October 22, 2013) Year End is here and it is time to renew your membership. For most associations, you may check the status of your membership here. Current membership fees can be found here. You may renew your membership here

Sending Photographs by E-mail

(May 10, 2013) For those breeds which require photographs of animals to be submitted with applications for registration, CLRC recommends that breeders scan the application forms and e-mail them, along with the required photographs, to CLRC.

Photographs e-mailed directly from a digital camera chip are very often superior in quality and reproduce better on the certificates than printed photos that must then be scanned by CLRC staff. E-mailing both the application and photographs will save mailing time as well. In these cases, we do request payment by credit card or that you have a credit balance on file.

For transfers, the photographs can still be e-mailed with a copy of the transfer application and certificate, but the original certificate must then be mailed to CLRC.

Updates to CLRC's Electronic Herdbook

(Updated daily) The CLRC Electronic Herdbook is updated daily.

Inbreeding Coefficients and Virtual Mating

(April 11, 2013) CLRC announces that Inbreeding Coefficients are now published on our website for all breeds except Swine. We hope to add Swine in the near future.

Inbreeding Coefficients measure the degree of repeating or common ancestors that exist in the pedigree. Coefficients are measured as a percentage from 0% to 100% or values from 0 to 1. Our website uses percentages. An animal with a coefficient of 0% has no known common ancestors that appear on both the sire and dam side of the pedigree. If you were to breed an animal to its sire or dam, the resulting offspring will have an inbreeding coefficient of at least 25%, depending on the number of other common ancestor lines that might appear in the pedigree.

In addition, CLRC now offers a virtual mating service which will determine the inbreeding coefficient for a proposed mating and display a five generation pedigree and common ancestor list. The virtual mating option appears at the bottom of each animal page and you can select a mate based on member ID number, animal name or registration number. If you select the ID number option, you can select one or more or all animals owned by that member.

Animal Photos and Marking Diagrams now available on-line

(December 12, 2012) Photos and markings diagrams when available digitally are now available on animal pages. Below is a list of associations offering photos or diagrams of animals. Click on the association name to access our on-line Members and Pedigrees database for that association.

Can ID (Crossbred Registry)
Canadian Donkey & Mule Association
Miniature Horse Association of Canada
North American Peruvian Horse Association

Markings Diagram
Canadian Morgan Horse Association, Inc.
Canadian Percheron Association
Clydesdale Horse Association of Canada
Peruvian Horse Association of Australasia
Peruvian Horse Association of Canada

Marking Diagram or Photo (One or the other per animal)
Canadian Connemara Pony Society
Canadian Haflinger Association

On-Line Extended Pedigrees now Show Repeating Ancestry

(November 6, 2012) As step 1 in our efforts to supply our members with more information on repeating or common ancestry, we are now providing additional information with the extended pedigree for each animal in our on-line Members and Pedigrees database. This is accessed here. When displaying an animal's record, there is a link to the extended pedigree near the bottom of the page. This will display a 5 generation pedigree.

What is new is a list of repeating ancestors which is sorted by the percentage of the pedigree that each animal represents. In addition, there is an alphabetic list of ancestors. This latter list will allow you to more easily compare pedigrees of animals that you are considering to mate to identify common ancestry.

Furthermore, we also offer a 12 generation analysis of the pedigree for repeating ancestors. A link appears below the 5 generation tree. You will experience a short delay while the database is doing the analysis.

To clearly show repeating ancestry, the 5 generation pedigree tree is also colour coded. The key repeating males are displayed in bright red and the females in magenta. Their ancestors are displayed in dark red and purple respectively. When an animal does not repeat in the pedigree, it appears in black.

Please watch this page for more related services as they are added.

Office Hours: 8:00AM - 4:00PM Eastern Time (Monday to Friday except Holidays)

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