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Instructions for DNA Genotyping

(October 21, 2014)

1. Order a DNA Kit

a. The application for a DNA kit can be found here
b. The kit application may be mailed to CLRC, sent by fax to 613-731-0704 or e-mailed to .
c. Payment of the DNA fee must accompany your kit application. Please refer to the current schedule of fees, which can be found at
d. If submitted by fax or e-mail, payment must be by credit card. Please provide your credit card number, expiry date and the name on the card. In the case of e-mail, your credit card number should be split into two and sent in separate e-mails for security reasons.
e. DNA hair samples may now accompany your applications if you are located in Canada.
f. If a hair sample accompanied your application, it will be forwarded directly to the lab.
g. If a hair sample did NOT accompany your application, a DNA kit including a testing application may be returned to you by mail, fax or e-mail. Please be sure to provide your choice of shipping.

2. Submitting a DNA sample to the lab

a. Instructions are provided with the Testing application on how to obtain an acceptable DNA sample from your animal. Genserve Labs has provided the following instructions for obtaining a hair sample or a blood sample Genserve Labs is used by most Canadian cattle associations but your association may be using another lab. Your testing application will advise you of the correct lab.
b. Submit your DNA sample with the Testing application to the lab using the address provided.


(June 11, 2014) **Please note that this bulletin only applies to Quantum (Genserve) customers, which excludes horse breeds.

All breeders who use the services of Genserve Laboratories Inc. (now owned by Quantum Genetix) are asked to note the following changes regarding applying for DNA testing.

  1. Genserve Laboratories Inc. will no longer be accepting hair samples that are not accompanied by a testing application form that has been prepared by CLRC.  Breeders are advised that they must now obtain a DNA test kit from CLRC and then send the application form provided with the hair samples to Genserve. If this is not done, the samples will not be processed. To request a DNA test kit, you may:

    a) Download, complete and submit the DNA Kit application form click here.; or
    b) Call or e-mail CLRC with the details about the animal for which the kit is requested

If the test kit is needed quickly, the printed application form can be e-mailed to you and then you can put the hair samples in a plain paper envelope on which you have written the animal’s name, sex, birth date and identification and mail the envelope and the testing application form to Genserve. Make sure to completely seal each DNA sample envelope. 

    2. Please note the new  address for Genserve Laboratories Inc. as follows:

Genserve Laboratories Inc.
101-110 Research Drive
Saskatoon SK
S7N 3R3
Telephone 1-306-956-2075

Your attention to these matters will help to have your samples tested in a timely manner.

Office Hours: 8:00AM - 4:00PM Eastern Time (Monday to Friday except Holidays)

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